Amoeboid's Petri Dish

I'm just starting to relearn HTML so I'm waiting to change my site until I figure formatting out so I can make an actually accessable website ^_^;

I don't know if it's just me, but when I started working through the HTML tutorial, I realized that I was actually a very avid user of (very) basic HTML when I frequented websites like Howrse and Warrior Cats RPG and posssibly Deviant Art if I'm remembering correctly. If you wanted a glittery photo of a donkey on your post you had to manually put the code in in yourself.

About Me

I'm an adult who uses she/her pronouns. Though online I'm ok with it/its just to change things up and create a bit of a change between my real life identity and my online identity. Do whatever you feel like. Honestly as long as it's in good faith I don't feel too strongly about what you call me on this lil site.

Here to hopefully get to know some cool people, see some cool sites, and make some cool site(s) myself. I really enjoy making pixel and crunchy-looking digital art, so I'll maybe be uploading that sometime as well!